The rulespack allows for each player to take a free General and free Battle Standard Bearer, which includes their mount and can also be a Special Character. The other races have some spectacular options; Dragon-mounted combat monsters, Greater Daemons, uber-destructive Special Characters; Teclis, Queek, Archaon… the Ogre Kingdoms have no such luxuries (Greasus, though funny, is rubbish, and Skrag is just a bit of a nutter). Instead, I’ll have to rely on a good, old-fashioned Tyrant. Enter; Captain Gorehook, Tyrant of the Axewound Pirates

Equipped with a Great Weapon, he has a manly (Ogre-y?) five Attacks at Strength seven. He has the ‘Mountaineater’ bigname (can’t be wounded better than 3+), ‘Glittering Scales’ (-1 to hit in combat) and ‘Talisman of Preservation’ (4+ ward). He should put up a good fight, especially when using “By the Power of Grey Skull”

“By the Power of Grey Skull!”
When things are dire and you’re against the wall, a player has a heroic moment called ‘by the Power of Grey Skull’ – only once per game. The general’s unit gets the following special rules:
– Stubborn, 4+ ward, immune to KB and HKB, any multi wounds attacks only cause one wound.
– The general gets HKB and 2+ ward (including mount).
This is for one turn only.

Captain Gorehook is accompanied to battle by Baldrick, his trusty Battle Standard Bearer. Equipped with the ‘Armour of Destiny’, he has a healthy 4+ ward save like his General. Baldrick prides himself on having the biggest pole on the battlefield.