1x Exhalted Bloodthirster (Equimanthorn):  Axe of Khorne, Souleater
1x Bloodthirster (Sammael The Desecrator):  Unbreakable skin, Unholy fury
1x Daemon Prince (Aguilar The Desolate):  Daemon of Khorne, Incorporeal Strike, Cleaving Blow
1x Daemon Prince (Agrajak The Annihilator): Daemon of Khorne, Blade of Blood, Unbreakable skin
1x Skulltaker :
1x Karanak:
1x Herald of Khorne:  Battle Standard Bearer, Wailing Banner, Exhalted Locus of Wrath
1x Herald of Khorne:  Greater Locus of Fury, Unbreakable Skin
20x Bloodletters:  Standard, Musician, Champion
20x Bloodletters : Champion
12x Bloodletters:  Champion
6x Bloodcrushers : Standard, Musician, Champion
9x Flesh Hounds of Khorne:  Ambushers
5x Chaos Furies:  Daemon of Khorne
1x Skull Cannon of Khorne:
1x Soul Grinder:  Daemon of Khorne, Daemonbone Claw, Baleful Torrent
1x Great Unclean One (Malebolgia The Ulcerated): Level 3, Plague Flail, Corpulence, Crushing Mass
1x Epidemius :
1x Herald of Nurgle:  Level 1, Greater Locus of Fecundity, Crushing Mass, Noxious Breath
24x Plague Bearers:  Standard, Musician, Champion
12 Plague Bearers:
6x Nurglings:
1x Beast of Nurgle :
1x Beast of Nurgle:
6x Plague Drones:  Standard, Musician, Champion, Deaths Heads, Venom Sting
1x Lord of Change (Moloch The Keymaster):  Level 4, Portaglyph, Wand of Whimsy
1x Changeling:
1x Herald of Tzeench:  Level 2, Greater Locus of Consuration, Cleaving Blow, Un-natural Swiftness
20X Pink Horrors:  Standard, Musician, Champion
12x Pink Horrors:
5x Flamers of Tzeench:
5x Flamers of Tzeench:
9x Screamers of Tzeench:
1x Keeper of Secrets (Qweffor the Depraved): Level 3, Lash of Despair, Incorporeal Strike
1x Masque of Slaanesh:
1x Herald of Slaanesh:  Level 1, Greater Locus of Swiftness, Unholy Flurry
16x Daemonettes:  Standard, Musician, Champion
5x Seekers of Slaanesh: Standard, Musician, Champion
4x Fiends of Slaanesh:
1x Exhalted Seeker Chariot:  Alluress
1x Cockatrice:  Poison Claws, Acid Vomit
1x Chimera:  Flaming Breath, Fiend Tail, Rending Fangs
1x Chaos Dragon:
Or could make it Exhalted

I think the grand total comes out somewhere around 11898 points (or 12278 with the exhalted  dragon)
Should last 48 hours, possibly without using anything twice….!