The Age of Darkness drew ever closer. What the Slaan Priests and the Elven Mages had forseen was coming true. An unavoidable alignment of the major planets was occurring imminently and the forces of good were sorely afraid. The ancient ruined temple city of Xahutec deep within the jungles of Lustria had predicted the alignment centuries before, describing a future where the Forces of Chaos would unite without animosity, where the four chaos Gods would put aside their hatred for each other and work towards a common goal, inciting some of the darker races of Terra to do likewise. The focal point of the abyssal incursion was fixed on a small Empire settlement named Sophia nestled on the bountiful shores of Lustria. Once a thriving fishing community, the failure of the annual harvest coupled with the mysterious disappearance of the normally rich fishing stocks for the last three seasons had seen the villagers drift away, abandoning the small hamlet to the elements and a group of mercenary Ogres who had been shipwrecked nearby.

The native Lizardman population despatched scouts to seek help. They soon happened across a large Elven contingent who had already been travelling south for some months, fully aware that forth-coming events would require a considerable show of strength to resist, least of all to defeat the predicted chaos hoardes. A treaty was immediately drawn up and signed, uniting the Lizardmen and the Elves into a formidable fighting force. Returning to Sophia, their way was constantly barred by renegade Skaven and the appearance of fabled monsters, unheard of in these parts. Finally arriving back in the shunned village, the Ogre sell-swords put up a brief show of muscle, but realising that they were hopelessly outnumbered, and with a promise of a share in the plunder that any battle produces, soon decided to throw in their lot with the Elves and the Lizardmen. Now all they could do was wait and train. The Mages predicted that the winds of magic would be strongest for a two day period towards the end of October, and that this time would decide the fate of the world as they knew it…
Scribe Robert of Norfolk