So I thought that I’d glue together the last remaining models I had and set out my Skaven army for the big weekend!


  • Grey Seer on Bell (and on foot)
  • Plague Priest on Furnace (and on foot)
  • Queek Headtaker
  • Warlord on war-litter
  • Warlord on foot
  • Ikit Claw
  • Deathmaster Snikch
  • 40x Plague Monks
  • 78x Clanrats
  • 56x Stormvermin (34 of which are Queek’s Bodyguard)
  • 3x Weapons Teams (Mortar, Warpfire Thrower & Doom-Flayer)
  • 10x Rat Ogres (+ Packmasters and Skweel)
  • 42x Giant Rats (+ Packmasters)
  • 2x Warp-Lightning Cannons
  • Hell-Pit Abomination
  • Doomwheel
5000+ points of Skaven

Rats on rats on rats